How To Maximise Your Bond Refund

Ending your tenancy agreement can be a stressful time for all involved. Ensuring your bond is returned in full is important to all tenants and goes a long way to keeping your rental history as spotless as possible. Here are a few ways to maximise your bond refund.

1) Hire a bond cleaner, obviously! Use an agency recommended, insured agency with a proven track record of great cleans. The cheapest price does not guarantee the best service and will likely see you having to return to the property to re-clean yourself. Make sure the company you engage has a return to rectify guarantee, meaning they will return to address any issues raised by your Property Manager at your vacate inspection.

2) Regularly maintain your home. It is important to routinely clean your home in order to prevent the damage that occurs with general dirt and debris over time. The best bond cleaner in the world will not be able to save the toilet if it hasn't been cleaned properly in months, nor scrub the shower scum out of the bathroom glass if it has been allowed to set into the surface. A good rule of thumb is to give your home a thorough clean before every routine inspection, and to keep on top of basic cleaning once a week. We recommend doing a vacuum, mop, toilet clean, surface wipe, and bathroom clean once a week. Once every three months, vacuum tracks, wipe down walls, clean the oven and filters and polish the glass in your windows. Your Property Manager will be thrilled at your inspection and you will go a long way towards maintaining your home and maximising your bond refund at the end of your tenancy.

3) Regularly report maintenance. Make sure you keep your Property Manager updated with any issues in your home. Send photos and as much detail as possible and keep the lines of communication flowing.

4) Use your entry condition report to help you ascertain what is required of you at the end of your tenancy. If it's listed on the entry condition report, you'll need to clean it before you go! Don't forget skirting, tracks, doors, light fittings, behind the toilet, fixtures and air con units. These are most likely to be missed by tenants at the end of their cleaning process.

5) Abide by the rules of your tenancy. If you are not approved for pets; don't have one! Don't smoke inside your home. Maintain gardens regularly, if required. Care for, respect and maintain the space you are living in.

6) Engage professionals where required. If you've accidentally pulled paint from a surface, or bumped a hole in the wall; use a professional tradesperson. Patch work is often more evident than the damage itself, so ensure you're using a professional for any repairs you may need to conduct throughout the property. Communicate with your Property Manager, often they can recommend fantastic tradespeople that won't cost you the earth.

7) Communicate with your Property Manager. Your Property Manager is engaged to facilitate a successful transaction between an owner and a tenant whilst ensuring the care and maintenance of the property involved. Having a great relationship with your Property Manager and some understanding of their role will enable you to facilitate respectful communication and an easy transition out of your tenancy agreement. Don't be afraid to ask them for hints and tips to maximise your bond refund - they'll be more than happy to help!

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