Easy, Affordable Oven Cleaning

Regular oven cleaning has a huge impact on the longevity of your appliance; and potentially saves you a fortune at the end of your tenancy. Who wants to wear the cost of new oven trays? Not us! This oven cleaning guide will cost you less than $6 and will leave you with enough product for multiple cleans. The easiest way to keep your oven spotless is to cover your food.. failing that, here are a few ways to keep it sparkling.

1). Spray trays, oven floor and sides with an oven cleaner. We recommend using a mask, gloves and opening available windows for ventilation. Allow to set for 15 minutes. Note that oven cleaner is caustic, so don't allow it to touch your skin. Use gloves!

2). Remove trays, allow to set in sink. Re spray with oven cleaner as necessary.

3). Using a stainless steel wool pad soaked in hot water, scrub out stains and burn marks.

4.) Your oven will look foamy; wipe out with a damp rag. Scrub any persistent stains with the steel wool pad. Wipe out with hot, clean water until shiny.

5). Scrub your oven trays. Use the stainless steel soap pads - these will remove a large range of deep-set stains and grease.

6). Replace trays, give a final wipe out with hot water.

Done! Less than half an hour to a sparkling, clean oven. Sure to impress at your next inspection. You can use the same product and pads for the stove top.

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